Glamorous Jewelry By Aurafin

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Aurafin Jewelry

Aurafin, another name for fine gold, is well-known and recognized in the jewelry industry as a company valued for excellence, quality, reliability, and the extensiveness of jewelry line consisting of more than 5000 classic designs and styles of karat gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, charms, rings and other jewelry designs styles.
Aurafin creates fashionable, elegant and desirable collections with lasting value for its precious customers. Their mission is to make fine and superior jewelry achievable by delivering value through novelty and innovations. With a constant eye on originality and innovation, aurafin is on headship position in setting style and fashion trends.

Aurafin glam collection

Aurafin, a name that translates to fine gold, their entire selection line is comprised mostly of 14k gold jewelry, also there are several styles and designs in 10k and some in 18K, as well. The company’s gemstone division named as AuraGem, creates stunning precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Aurafin Gold Jewelry has developed and positioned itself as one of the leading gold jewelry manufacturers and distributors within this historically fragmented industry and is now the fashion manager in fine gold jewelry and found at the nation’s foremost retail jewelers for its combination of finer strength and attractive natural color.

Aurafin Gold Jewelry can hold out the tugs and twists of daily life in order to help and facilitate our clients compete better in a world where consumers have a lot of options and alternatives. And because of its strength, potency, consistent true color and accuracy in engineering, it will last a lifetime.

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