Give Yourself Manicure And Pedicure Before Eid

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Pedicure For Bakra Eid

Eid-ul-adha, is the celebration of the sacrifice that takes place on the tenth day of the Hajj period. As soon as Eid approaches everybody goes into frenzy especially the ladies queue up for their henna and their preparations and planning’s.
Every evening the roads are jam-packed with traffic as everybody is trying to get to the shopping centres  malls, tailors and salons for Eid preparation. Women and girls spend their whole month prior to Eid in planning and discussing with each other what to shop for their Eid clothes.

cleaning up before Eid
A week before Eid, they rush to salons to make sure they are perfectly and beautifully groomed: they get haircuts, manicures, pedicures and waxing and threading of hair etc. Such preparations are of the essence as they spend Eid days with their family members, many friends and relatives.
So every girl and woman wants to look her best in front of her all friends and relatives to proving how up to date and beautiful they are with the newest styles and trends. Each one will be examine every other in order to comment later on.
As Eid-ul-adha is coming, our focus is basically on the toenail patterns and colors as it is going top on fashion these days. The nail trend these days is mostly inspired by bright colors such as shocking pink, red, blue, orange etc which are the colors in fashion nowadays and will also be the dress color of most women. So here are some fantastic ideas of toenail color you can have after your pedicure done.
Try Racing manicure stripes. It will give a beautiful and energizing look. It will also a different look and not common yet.
Try Red Nail Polish or metallic maroon. It will suit your eid outfit as well as henna on your feet a lot too.
You can also try a cherry red nail colour. It will not only looks chic and attractive but also looks traditional very beautiful.
Yellow nail color is also a good choice. The colour is also in rage. It will look trendy and classy. It will suit with casual dresses and semi-formal outfits also.
If you are wearing a colorful and traditional kurti and khussas try orange nail colour. It will give a chic look and also suits your skin tone.
Reverse French Manicures are one of the latest and hottest trends this season. This tip-trend looks very beautiful and traditional. It has a traditional appeal and is perfect nail trend for this Eid.
Nude colours are another popular trend of this season. It is for those who have a decent personality and looks.
You can also try subtle shades that are ombre pedicure on toes and fingers as well. It will give a perfect look. It is a must have look for this Eid. Ombre manicures and pedicures could be done with both dark and light shades. But try dark colours as they will look more prominent and chic.
For an elegant look, go for clean and simple pedicure and manicures. They can also be carried with any kind and colour dress. It will also suit with white frocks or bright coloured kurties.
You can also try electric turquoise or other neon colours matching your dress. They are in this season. They look cute and very funky. For those who want to look up to date with the latest fashion trends must try.

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