Get Softer Hands From Your Kitchen Products

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Manicure From Kitchen Products

Here are some easy to do effective tips for caring and making your hands softer, smoother attractive and gorgeous with easily available cheap kitchen items and products

Take one fourth cup of sugar and lemon and make a paste. Apply on hands and massage for 15-20 minutes. Then wash hands with warm water.
To soften hand, soak them in goat milk for 15 minutes and also add in it 2 table spoon of jasmine oil and rose petals.
If you have darkened skin around finger joints and tips, you can rub them with lemonĀ or orange peels.
Wash hands with pearl millet flour mix in water, for clean, even and soften hands.
To soften cuticles apply and massage with rose oil and push back with the help of orange stick.
Wash and dip your hands in water with rose petals.
To clean and soften cuticles of your fingers and toe soak them in vinegar for 5 minutes before manicure.
Rub fresh garlic clove to make nails stronger.
For making hand mask to make them smooth, soft and clean, make a thick paste of cream, yogurt, jasmine and rose oil and apply for 15 minutes then wash.
For brittle nails and ragged cuticles apply and massage daily with castor oil which is high in vitamin E.
Apply mayonnaise on hands for 10 minutes then massage and wash hands with warm water.

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