Get Rid of Blackheads

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Get Rid of Blackheads:

black-heads-removalI haven’t seen anybody who does not ever suffer with the problem of blackheads on nose. They are so small that we usually does not notice them but they are silently damaging our skin pores and our personality. They look really unpleasant and make the people around you uncomfortable. Dark spots and blackheads are two different things, dark spots are just spots on your skin telling you about how much Sun damage your skin is suffering but blackheads are in your pores, black heads are actually dust particles or your own dead skin filling your skin pores. They start with light brown color turn to dark brown, and black at their final stage.

What Are Blackheads? Why Nose is Target of Blackheads:

People have blackheads on foreheads, cheeks or chin too but every human being suffer with the problem of nose blackheads. Why nose is the target of these irritating little things? There are more than one reasons of this,

Nose is the focal point of T-Zone of face so is the most oily part of the face. We know what T-Zone of face is, it is the most oily part of face due to more oil glands existing in the region. With youth leaving behind you, function of your oil glands get disturbed and your pores become idle. So you face more blackheads. Dust and pollution stick in your more oily parts of face and turn into blackheads. I know some women who believe chemicals of their day cream are causing blackheads on their face. Curve of nose is easy inhabitation for reasons of blackheads.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads:

Products available in market are mostly good to use, i like scrubs available for blackheads. I am against blackhead strips people end up with open pores by using it and consequently have more blackheads, plus the pinchy pain i hate. I am gonna write about some natural products you can use to get rid of black heads. We are all impatient, always want a solution in five minutes. We should think when we can grow a problem on us by our negligence of days then how can we cut it off in five minutes??? solution is always there we just need to be patient. It is possible to get rid of blackheads fast but not fast enough as boiling an egg…

Tomatos are good to remove blackheads just slice a tomato into two and place for 10 to15 minutes on your nose and other effected areas. Rub the tomatos before removing them, rinse with water and do not apply moisturizer for next 5 to 10 minutes.

Lime Juice is used for removing blackheads. Just combine almond oil and glycerin with lime juice and apply on face it’ll remove existing blackheads and prevent from more blackheads.

Honey plays an important role in getting rid of blackheads, just apply honey mask for 15 to 20 minutes (depending upon size of your blackheads) and then rinse it off with warm water, rub some cooking oil on effected area and then rub it off with cloth.
Steam and cleanser are good to get rid of blackheads, you know steam will open your pores, use slice of apples as cleanser, rubbing apple slices on your face will soften the blackheads and they’ll come out easily.
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