Get Angelina Julie’s Lips Makeover

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Angelina Julie’s Lips:


Among Hollywood stars, some are those about whom people want to know more and always wanted to stay updated about them, people like to follow their style funda, like to dress like them and want to look like them, Angelina Julie is one of these Hollywood stars. Girls always want to follow her style specially want to have lips like her. Her lips dominate in her features and mesmerize her beauty completely. The lips are being focused in photo shoots and magazine covers. Girls use botox injections to get fuller lips. Rumor has it that secret of Angelina Julie’s fuller lips is also plastic surgery but we are not here to debate about it, we know that makeup can also do wonders. The fuller lips look can be easily achieved by makeup here are some tips for it.

The look is called Pillow Lips Look.


Getting The Look:

  • Brush your lips gently with your toothbrush or apply lip balm and rub it off with damp cloth, this will scrub your lips’s extra skin off. This will give pillow look to your lips that you observe in Julie’s lips. Back and forth movement is better than up and down movement during scrubbing lips.
  • Lip Plumps are available in market, apply lip plumper and then matte and light lip color. Now certain lip colors come with lip plumper in it, all you need to do is to apply the lip color. You’ll get the plumpy lips easily.
  •  Jamun fruits work excellent on lips, dip the ends of the fruit in salt and rub it over lips. The salt increases blood flow and the fruit add colour resulting in plump & juicy lips. Cayenne pepper is also used for same.
  • To prominent your lips more, apply matte lip color. Use softer pink, flesh tone or nude lipstick they’ll make your lip natural. Angelina-Jolie-LipsPlus darker colors will not give wider look to your lips as dark shades make you look slim.
  • Press a tissue between your lips and get rid of extra lipstick, we know this’ll give natural look to your lips.


  • Apply lip color with brush is better for a clean look.
  • Adding a lot of gloss is not good for the look because our focus is on natural looking lips. Gloss will give plain look to your lips and we are looking for texture.
  • Some lip  gloss are made of cinnamon, ginger and have some salt in it to increase blood circulation in lips. This will cause swelling in your lips and give you what you want, the fuller lips. People who are allergic to these products shouldn’t use such lip gloss.
  • For pillow texture and also for matte look a very fine layer of talcum powder can be applied as final coat.
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