Foods for Blue Eye Color

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Food for Blue Eye Color:


Women of Europe fascinate dark black eyes of men. People of Asia and Africa Fascinate blue eye color specially women, they use color contact lens to make their eye appear blue. The eye color which is rare in  a region has been fascinated their. People specially women can do anything to have blue, grey or green eye color in Asia. The few people who have the rare eye color in Asia are treated as royals. There is no way to change an adult’s eye color naturally. But some old wives recipes have been found by which you can have a baby with fair complexion and blue eyes. Some people say they have use these recipes and they say it is true.

foods-for-blue-eye-color1 During first three months of pregnancy by eating Flower of Coconut your baby can have blue eye color.

2 By drinking fresh juice of Bitter Lemon (citrus fruit) for one or one and a half months during first three months of pregnancy will make your baby’s eye color blue plus his/her hair color blonde.

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