First Men Fashion Week In Pakistan

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Men Fashion Week is Happening in Pakistan For The First Time:

For the first time a men fashion week is happening in Karachi Pakistan in August. Well there is always the first time for everything lets see where it goes in future.


Munib Nawaz who is spokesperson and creative director of MFW says, this time we understand that a vast clientele of Pakistani fashion is men who really want to dress up!”. Further he said, “men’s clothing is the fastest growing industry in Pakistan.”

men fashion week pakistan

The exciting event make the Lahory and Karachi designer to work together, Khawar Riaz from Lahore has reached Karachi to cover the event. He said, “A model hunt for MFW will take place where the panel will dig out models from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. While the slot for a choreographer for the show lies open, Zurain Imam is heading the style and editing team.”


Men fashion week was expected in August 2012 but is delayed, new date is not announced yet. It’s not cancelled, it’s delayed. New date will be up dated as soon as announced.

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