Felix Baumgartner Sky Dive

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Felix Baumgartner (born 20 April 1969) is an Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper. He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career.

He Just made a record to dive from 120,000 ft high from Earth. He has jumped over New Mexico. Exact distance 128,000 ft.

space dive

He wanted to break sound barrier but that didn’t happen. But The world record of highest jump did.

After his last week attempt going vain because of weather, he has jumped today. Felix Baumgartner landed on Earth in 9 minutes few seconds. Baumgartner has broken 52 year old highest jump record by Joe Kittinger, who jumped from 31.3822 kilometres by jumping from 39 km, near space.

Felix Baumgartner is expecting to accelerate from zero to 690 mph in just 35 seconds and will be supersonic for nearly a minute of the death-defying 10 minute free fall.

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