Feeha Jamshed Collection at FPW 2012

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Feeha Jamsed Collection at 4th Day of 3rd Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

Feeha Jamshed is Karachi based Pakistani fashion designer known for her couture designs. Feeha Jamshed’s collection was presented at 4th day of Fashion Pakistan week 2012. When Feeha Jamshed design pret wear, she add a touch of couture in it which makes her designs special. Her dresses stand out in a crowd and the phrase, she made your heads turn, fits on her.

Collection of Feeha Jamshed for Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 was presented with the title of “Minnaal”. By naming her collection as Minnaal she was giving tribute to her late sister “Minnaal Tanveer Jamshed”. The collection was devoted to her.

Nice and decent collection was presented by Feeha Jamshed. The collection was inspired from the women in power. Dresses were full of elegance and proud. Feeha Jamshed’s collection was as good as we were expecting. Her dresses made the models look gorgeous.

Fabric gives the look of royalty. Feeha has designed with inspiration of a superior woman so she has chosen the fabric accordingly. She combine three totally different colors in dress. Red, orange, bronze, green, white and off white were prominent colors in Feeha Jamshed’s collection. Feeha has combined red and bronze very intelligently.

Feeha has designed long flowey shirts, gowns and frocks. Coats and jump suits are every where this season and I am amazed every designer is designing the jump suit differently. I am the happiest person in the world for this season because my favorite jump suits are all around.

Let’s have a look at Feeha Jamshed’s latest collection for Fashion Pakistan Week 2012:

213 211 220 212 202 219 204 209 203 214 205 208



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