Fake Hair Tattoos

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Hair Pigment Tattoos:

For me this is the best use of the idea of tattoo. Women get hair extensions for them for thicker or longer looking hair so why bald men always have to have hair transplant?? Men can get hair tattoos to get rid of baldness. Yes hair tattoos.. Hair tattoos are getting famous in men for their cheap, time saving and cool effect. It has a specific name now which is MHT (Men Hair Tattoos). A hair transplant is costly and not in reach of every body.

fake hair tattoos for bald men

Tattoo Hairstyle

The idea is the brainchild of Ian Watson. When Watson was in his mid-twenties, he lost his brother and developed alopecia due to the resulting stress. Worried about his hair loss and desperate to do something about it, he asked his brother’s widow, Ranbir Rai-Watson to draw dots on his scalp using a fine pen. He hoped that the dots would produce the effect of a cropped haircut. When she was finished, the duo knew their ridiculous idea was actually worth something. The treatment is called the MHT (Micro Hair Technique) Scalp Pigmentation, and yes, I’m not making any of this up. As a part of the treatment, different shades of pigment are applied to the scalp so that the size, density and shape of short hairs are replicated. According to Chive the pricetag is a mere 3 grand.

fake hair tattoos for bald men

Just take care of few things. Consider these things before getting one of these treatments.  While there may be variations between the treatments offered, the basic process involves getting ink marks inserted just under the skin of your scalp that look like tiny hairs.  By contrast, tattooing uses a heaver gauge needle, injects ink much further under the skin and usually causes bleeding. So, that’s where you should start with your questions.

Read on.

What kind of needle do you use?  Hair replication specialists say regular tattoo needles are too thick to look like realistic hairs, so you don’t want that.  They say finer cosmetic makeup needles are more appropriate for hair treatments.  But there is one critical detail: they say the needle should not be perfectly round.  Hair follicles, when magnified, are actually jagged, irregular.  Ideally the needle used to mark your scalp will mimic that.  And, of course, make sure the facility uses brand new needles on each customer.

What kind of ink do you use? You know how old tattoos often have that blue look to them?  You definitely don’t want that on your head!  So make sure the facility providing your hair replication service doesn’t use ordinary tattoo ink.   Apparently, cosmetic makeup ink isn’t quite right either because it can fade.  Ask whether the facility uses an ink formulated just for the scalp.  We found they are hesitant to talk about it, perhaps for competitive reasons.   But you’ll at least want to make sure the ink is safe for use on your head.  Ask if there is a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) that you can read about the ink. Look for a facility that blends a custom color to match your natural hair or a place that has a huge array of colors to choose from, so you can find a good match.  And keep in mind, the process of replicating hair with ink is new, so we haven’t yet seen the long-term results of how it holds up.  Some companies say the ink can fade and customers may have to undergo a retreatment a few years later.

Is the tattoo artist well qualified? Make sure the tattoo artist is qualified enough to work on your head with needles with causing any damage to your capillaries. Head tattoo is the most dangerous type of tattoo to engrave.

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