Face Contouring Techniques You Must Know

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Highlighting And Shading

Makeup can’t change your features or the shape of your face but if applied properly you can create an illusion of the perfect cheekbones, tuck up a double chin and even alter the shape of your nose. All this can be achieved by following a few and simple steps

face contouring techniques

Contouring, shading or highlighting is the one step most of us skip out and think that these techniques are only used for TV, theatrical of bridal make-up. For everyday girl learning how to contour in an understated way for everyday make-up is the best trick you can have up your sleeve. It’s like giving your face a mini make-over without getting surgery. So here’s what I do and I can swear by these easy steps; try it for yourself!

All you need is a brown matte eye shadow or a bronzer and a highlighter.

The first rule of contouring: light shades of make-up highlight an area and draw attention to it and dark ones create depth and make the areas applied on appear to recede.

If you have a wide forehead; after applying a thin layer of foundation on your face and neck, start applying the bronzer with a soft round brush, to each temple and blend it in to and along your hairline. This gives a shadow effect resulting in making your face look rounded.

Highlight the center of you fore head, the bridge of your nose and down, eyelids and under your eyes.

Shade the sides of your nose by running a flat brush vertically down the bridge of your nose to the tip on each side of your nose. If you have a long nose lightly shade the tip of your nose also.

face contouring techniques

Move on to your cheekbones; this in my views, is the most important bit. What I do is make a fish face ( when you suck your cheeks in) in the bits that are sucked in, which will be right under your cheek bone, lightly apply the bronzer and blend it up your hairline. Now smile and highlight the apples of your cheeks till the curve of your nose.

Coming down to your neck, apply the bronzer following your jaw line and blending it down of your neck. This strengthens your jaw line and creates a shadow which draws less attention to your double chin. Highlight the top of your chin and then blend away!

Remember the more you blend; the softer the result will be.

You can blend in your contouring using your fingers also.

After you have shaded and highlight continue with your normal make-up regime. Fill in your eyebrows, apply an eye shade, a bit of colour to your cheeks and lips and pack on some mascara! and there you go, you have your perfect make up now.

Women who don’t focus on contouring before starting makup end up with very incomplete look so remember, face contouring is always important before makeup. Try lighter shades for contouring for day makeup don’t do nose contouring in for day makeup.

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