Exercises You Can Do At Your Work

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Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk:


Calf Raises:

 Next time you are waiting at the copier, printer, or microwave try these exercises. Just, Simply lift your heels up off the ground, bring them down, and repeat. Sure, they’re noticeable, but the actually amount of movement is about on-par with fidgeting.


 Here is good staple exercises, it’s great for you, easy to do on your lunch break, and a totally normal activity. I won’t suggest that you trade eating mindfully for shoving your face full of food so you can get out and walk, but if you can split your lunch break between eating and walking, that’s a great compromise.


 Girls, we’ve all been told that we should do our degels. And guys, strengthening the pelvic reigon can be helpful for you as well. Since you’re just clenching and unclenching the pelvis nobody will know you’re doing these (unless you find a way to be super awkward about it).

 Taking the stairs:

  Yes, this is another old classic. You should take the stairs instead of the elevator, but also take the stairs, up, down, and up again a few times if you can. This can be especially fun if you work in a big corporate complex. Carry a folder to make it look like you’re delivering to the other leg.


 Ah, yes, stretching-or, as we like to think of it, “the only exercise you can do a lot of at work and get away with it.” Where most cardio or strength training efforts might seem out of place in your business-casual environment, pretty much everyone recognizes that sitting all day can make you rather sore. So stand up and stretch your arms, legs, torso, whatever. You might just want to avoid doing a downward-facing dog!.

Muscle clenches:

Your abs and butt are prime candidates for this. Clench the muscles for a period of several seconds, then release. Repeat again in sets of 10-15.


Maintaining good posture:

I know- what kind of wacky suggestion is this? Posture isn’t as exercise! But if you normally have poor posture, actively maintaining a straight back will give your back muscles a serious workout.

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