Empire State Building Shooting

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Shooting Near Empire State Building:

“Two people were killed and nine wounded Friday when a laid-off apparel company employee gunned down a former co-worker near the Empire State Building, then was fatally shot in a hail of police gunfire outside the New York landmark, authorities said.”

“The gunman killed the former co-worker with a .45 caliber handgun about a block away from the Empire State Building and was followed by a construction worker, who alerted police, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) told reporters at the scene. He said the shooter, identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 53, of Manhattan, then drew his weapon and attempted to shoot two police officers, who opened fire and killed him.”

Empire State Building Shooting

Empire State Building Shooting

“Bloomberg said some of the nine people who were hit outside the Empire State Building may have been shot accidentally by police. He said it was not clear whether the gunman managed to fire his weapon at that point. But he said none of the wounded — two women and seven men — have life-threatening injuries.”

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“This has nothing to do with terrorism,” Bloomberg said. He called it a “terrible tragedy,” adding that “there’s no doubt that the situation would have been even more tragic but for some extraordinary acts of heroism.”

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New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly identified the murder victim as a 41-year-old man. He said the shooter worked at Hazan Imports, a designer of women’s accessories, before he was laid off about a year ago.

Bloomberg indicated that the shooting outside the Empire State Building was captured on security cameras.

“We have on tape that the perpetrator pulled his gun out and tried to shoot at the cops,” the mayor said. “We do know that the cops fired back.” He said there was no evidence than anyone besides the two police officers fired at Johnson.

“Once again, there’s an awful lot of guns out there,” Bloomberg said in concluding his news conference.”

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