Easy Workout For Women At Home

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Easy Exercises For Women

Exercise in a daily routine helps to boosts and strengthen your body. It not only maintains and enhances your fitness but also improves your health as well as your body. Daily exercise is done for a lot of reasons which includes enjoyment also.

simple easy exercises for women

Today most of the people could not get time to do exercise which is very unhealthy, especially women doesn’t get time from their daily busy routine. Most of them try and do exercise but they soon leave it in the middle. This is due to that fact the heavy and hard exercise make them to leave it soon. Exercises have many benefits if one makes it its daily routine it really help the one. its boosts ones immune system, increases the blood circulation, helps in removing depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes and many more.

Too much of exercise is also harmful for our body, so a balance should be require in everything. In exercise it is a rule that for beginners to start with the light and easy exercises then gradually go on increasing the time and do heavy exercise. Therefore those women who want to do and start with light and easy exercise have come to the right place. There are some of the easy exercises which prove to be useful and these workouts are so easy that they can be done at home without any gym requirements.

The best exercise for any one is the straight brisk walk, for 45 minutes, that really helps in circulation, strengthening and weight reducing. That is the best excursive which is for whole body parts in just a single way.

For strengthening your legs stand straight then lift your right leg to 30 degree and then bring it back to its place from where you have start .do this for about 10 times. Now do the same with left leg.

Now sit on the ground bend your legs and make your arms straight, then lean your back gradually keeping your arms straight ,remember at this moment to keep your tummy tight, keep it doing until you feel easy leaning.noe come back to your position and repeat the same procedure.

Now take a chair and stand in front of it ,then end yourself as you want to sit o it in that position, now make your arms straight in front  now start sitting and stop that going as your hips touch the chair then get straight again and finally stand. Now repeat this again.

One stand straight opening your arms and legs a little apart, keep your arms lifted at sides now giving out your breath lift your right leg and make it touch your left elbow, then taking breath  in come back to your position again. Now exhaling does this same procedure with your left leg and touches your right elbow.

Repeat this all procedures 10 to 15 times. Don’t increase your exercise day after day but gradually increase the number and time weeks after weeks. Make sure you take some rests in the middle of the exercise.

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