Easy Pedicure Tips At Home

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Pedicure At Home

Everybody wants to have smooth and beautiful looking healthy feet as it is one of the most observable parts of our body. It is very important to take care of feet even as a health point of view. They need proper care and concern. And for that we need to delight them with pedicure. Here is a quick guide to perform pedicure at home.

Pedicure at home
Remove nail polish using a good nail polish remover without acetone.
Fill a container or bathtub with warm water. Add 2tbsp of Epsom or sea salt to improve circulation in feet.
Soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes.
Now to remove residue rinse feet with warm water any.
Dry the feet, using a clean towel.
Using a pumice stone or file, remove rough skin from feet.
Apply an exfoliating scrub and massaged gently the entire foot.
Now cut toenails. It is recommended to cut straight across.
Then File using a nail file or emery board. File in one direction and avoid sawing motion.
Using an orange stick remove dirt hide underneath each toenail.
Now massage cuticle of each toe with cuticle cream.
Using an orange stick, remove excess cuticles.
Again rinse feet with warm water and dry with towel.
For applying nail polish, separate your toes by placing a toe spreader on each foot.
Now apply two coats of selected nail polish.
Always start applying nail polish from the base and then brush upward towards the tip.
Apply one layer at a time and let it dry. Then apply another coat of polish.
Finish pedicure by massaging lotion into feet.
Thus with little care and concern on a regular basis of your feet, you can have feet that will look beautiful and supple.


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