Easy And Effective Manicure At Home

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Manicure And Hand Care At HOME:

Hands are the mirror of one’s nature and personality. Taking care of them is not only important for beauty but also beneficial for health point of view. So here is a simple method of doing manicure at home and also some important tips to keep your hands clean and beautiful.

hand care tips

Manicure METHOD

Massage hands with any good cold cream or moisturizing cream. Leave it for 15 minutes.
Now clean your hands with the help of tissue paper.
Now rub your hands together for ten minutes then wash them using hand wash or soap.
Now take Luke warm water in a bowl and add in it 2 tablespoon of shampoo and few drops of antiseptic lotion.
Dip your hands for 15 minutes.
After that wash your hands with water and clean by rubbing hard your hands with the help of towel.
You can also use manicure brush or lufa to clean hands.
Cut and file your nails and apply any moisturizing cream or olive oil and massage lightly and smoothly.
Hand care tips:
Dip and soak hands in 2 cups cow’s milk mix with 2-3 tbsp fresh lemon juice for 15 mins once every week. This will make your nails strong and helps smoothing and making your hands beautiful and fair.
To soften your hand skin use lemon juice or glycerine to massage.
Wore gloves while washing clothes and dishes.
Massaging hands with almond oil before going to bed, helps smooth and moisturize hand skin.
For dry nails apply any oil such as olive, coconut or almond oil etc twice a day.
For white nails, increase calcium and vitamin E intake.
Always moisturise your hands after bath, as this is the most suitable and effective time to do so.

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