Do Vintage Waves Hairstyle By Yourself

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Simple Vintage Waves-Hairstyle

women hairstyles vintage waves

Here we will give you the comprehension of how to make a quick vintage wave hairstyle in less than 30 minutes. It’s one of the best hair do’s to enhance the fancy factor on washed and dry hair for a big night occasion. So read and follow the instructions below
First find a good deep side part in hair.
Remember this wave is not well powerful when styled with a middle part.
When you find your side part in hair, clip the top half of the heavier side part up.
Now start with curling hair.


women hairstyles vintage waves

First curl the section right above the ear.
For curling, use curling iron with either 1 wand or 1 barrel.
To get the perfect look of this hair style, remember to let the hair get as hotter as you can. But do not burn your hair.
An important tip to curl is instead of leaving hair longer on iron, do it again
Now repeat the exact procedure for curling one right next to the other.
Also wrap curl the hair forward that is towards your face. women hairstyles vintage wavesThen Do the next strand just the same. Now switch the sides and repeat the same and Do one curl following the other in the precise same pattern.
You’ll notice that your hair look like noodles and that’s okay.
Once all the hair are curled and in place, spray them using a firm holding hairspray.
Remember to spray after so that hairspray sits on top and give hair a soft and light look.
If you spray the hair before it will make them look heavier.
Allow hair to set for 5 minutes.
After this take the side of your comb

women hairstyles vintage waves

and begin combing hair through the curls.
Combing around the entire head will make the curl pattern to join together.
So keep combing and combing and combing until its completely soft again.
If you’ve done the curling of all your hair sections in the same way just right next to each other, you’ll see an ideal pattern form while you’re combing your hair.
Now give it one last touch with hairspray and you’re vintage hair waves are ready.


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