Do French Manicure At Home

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No Need Of Salons For French Manicure

French manicure is extremely popular with women of all ages as it is simple to do and gives nails a clean and classy appearance. French manicure is the cleaning and polishing nails with a natural look. It can easily be done at home. Here are some tips to perform it at home: French manicures are manicures intended to resemble usual and natural nails. They are characterized by very light natural pink base and white tips of nails. The tips of the nails are coated white with white nail polish and the rest of the nail is polished or coated with a pink or a nude shade colour nail polish.

First scrub hands and nails to remove dirt and then use cuticle clippers and file to shape and cut your nails.

Nails should not be too long. Medium size is ideal. File them to give smooth oval shape.

Now apply thin and even base coat color and dry it.

To avoid sticking of polish to skin around your fingers, apply petroleum jelly on skin surrounding nails.

Now apply brushing white nail polish carefully. Do not apply on the lower part of nail.

Now paint your full nail with a transparent nail polish. It will give a shinny and glossy look to your nails and also help to maintain your manicure for longer time.

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