Diet To Avoid Wrinkles

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Diet for Wrinkles:

Wrinkle free skin tips natural

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Wrinkles or ageing lines are lines or crease on the skin surface due to ageing which makes the skin loose, slack and drooping. It is due to the lost or reduced elasticity of the skin because of age and other factors such as indecent care, improper diet and extra stress. They are commonly found around the eyes, cheeks, and neck. There are various causes and factors that contribute to early appearance of wrinkles or ageing lines .The main causes of wrinkles include:
Sun exposure
Rapid Weight Loss
Poor Diet
Sedentary Life
Occupational Exposure
Skin Pigmentation
There is a lot of effect of diet on wrinkles. There is a co-relation between certain types of foods and skin wrinkles. The wrong and unbalanced dieting practice to reduce body weight like not taking Vitamin E-rich foods etc is not good for skin and results in early appearance of wrinkles. The diet such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and low-glycemic foods are associated with less skin wrinkles.
So in order to avoid and to slow down the process of skin ageing and wrinkles on your skin you should include the following foods in your diet
Foods rich in zinc such as milk, nuts, seafood and lean meats
Eggs and Fish such as sardines and salmon
Whole grain cereals
Olives and olive oil
Legumes such as pea, chickpeas, lima and broad beans
Foods and fruits that are high in vitamin C such as lemon, peaches, citrus fruits and fruit juices etc
Carotenoid-rich fruit such as cantaloupe, apricots etc
Carotenoid-rich vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes etc
Vegetables such as spinach, eggplant, celery, leeks, garlic, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, , radish, and watercress etc
All types of berries
Water tea and Low-fat cocoa
Foods you need to avoid include:
Saturated fats
Red and processed meats
Full fat dairy products
Alcohol and Carbonated drinks
Refined sugar
Candies and sweets
White flour
To help prevent skin ageing and wrinkles it is really important to eat proper and healthy diet and also take proper and necessary precautions such as protect your skin from sun, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and also get enough sleep.

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