Dareecha Thread Work Casual Wear

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Women Casual Wear By Dareecha

Darecha is a well know name of our fashion industry. Some days before they have launched their latest collection of some dresses. All the dresses of this collection are based on our traditional but have a modern look too. Max. of the dresses of this collection consist on long shirts with trousers. All the dresses are in bright colors having Kashmiri embroidery on its front which makes it unique and full of tradition.

dareecha dresses for women

Dherecha is one of the newcomers of Pakistan they start their carrier form 2012. They deals in designs and fashion based on Kashmiri embroidery having western cuts. In such a short time they have gain lot of popularity among women of Pakistan. They have used a high quality fabric all of their designs. They have used plain fabric in many of there designs but some of designs are consisy of self printing as well.

Check out the complete collection of Dareecha Casual Wear Thread work Dresses

213 211 220 212 202 219 204 209 203 214 205 208



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