Curly Hairstyle Tips For Round Face Women

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Hairstyles For Women With Curly Hair And Round Face:

Ladies come in all kinds of delicious shapes and sizes, so not everyone can wear the same haircut and look well-proportioned. To add even more flavor into the haircut mix, gals have different hair types. Finding a good haircut when you have a round face and curly hair is a toughie because the curls so easily can add width to the face. Good cuts for this combination are out there, though; you just need to know what hairstyle to look for.

curly hairstyle for round face women

The Quest

Having a round face means that you can show full features whether you’re on waifish side. Understanding that the ideal form in cosmetology is oval with a round face your order is subject to subsequent dilatation characteristics. This helps to balance her appearance.

What not to Do

Because your goal with a haircut is to elongate your round face, you don’t want a haircut that adds width. Generally speaking, this means you have to swear off cuts around jaw length as though you’re allergic to them. You also have to be careful that your cut doesn’t hit directly at your cheeks and eyes, which is the widest part of your face. Blunt cuts are another no-no. A blunt cut means your hair is kept all one length. Straight lines sometimes can provide a good contrast to a round face, but with curly hair, blunt cuts end up giving you a pyramid effect with your hair looking widest at the bottom. Leave these styles to the straight-haired gals. Lastly, don’t do bangs. These shorten your face, again making it look squished and wide.

The Best Cuts

Curly-haired divas with round faces tend to sparkle in cuts that are around shoulder length. This length not only draws the eye down a little but also provides enough weight that your hair isn’t as prone to slip into “poof” territory. At the same time, it isn’t so long that your curls get heavy and difficult to manage, and your curls falling gently around your shoulders looks sensuous.

Short Options

At the other end of the spectrum, you could go short – but it is trickier because they do not want to hit the jaw or cheek. The idea of a shortcut for a round face and curly black hair and is subject to subsequent dilatation of the upper front of you. Want to create the illusion that the hair is. That means a cut that gives you volume at the top of the head.

Where to Part

Although viewed as the center pieces and used for hair lengthening the chin, with a round face, better to cut off the middle one. This helps to limit camber characteristics.


Because your hair is curly, sometimes you have to find a cut that removes some bulk from the sides to keep your hair and face from looking wide. Layered cuts work well for this. Try triangle layers, meaning that your stylist pulls hair from your crown straight up and cuts straight across. Then she pulls hair from the side outward and cuts it at a downward angle. Choppy layers through the back and bottom of your hair is another good option.

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