Crazy Head Tattoo Ideas

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Latest Head Tattoo Designs:

In my opinion men who are getting bald early can cover their baldness with a crazy head tattoo. In this way they can cover the embarrassment on going bald. The tattoo will take all the attention. My suggestion is for tattoo lovers so please don’t hate me if you are not a tattoo lover. Simply shaving your head is enough or you can have a hair transplant.

Head tattoo looks cool and also a bit scary and gives the impression of tough guy. Any type of masculine tattoo can be engraved on head. You can choose abstract tattoo or a dragon or anything. That reminds me a dialogue from the movie “The Expendables” about Marlin Monroe’s tattoo on head and her long legs coming down to his neck. You can add creativity in any type of tattoo on any part of body, for head there are such crazy tattoos that are gonna blow your mind off.

Check out the crazy backwards eye tattoo

Head tattoo designs

Women Head Tattoo

Head tattoo designs

It is happening in UK that they are tattooing fake hair follicles on head which gives the impression of finely cropped hair or shaved head. It’s like tattooing hair on head. The procedure is very much less expensive than a hair transplant and takes less time too. The technique is soon spreading in the world.

Head tattoo designs

Well I was talking about head tattoos. Tattoo lovers take a bold step to have their head tattooed. They say it’s the most painful tattooing procedure. The pain also depends on your tolerance level. I would like to share the fact that tattooing your head not 100% save it can cause damage. So if you want a head tattoo any way go for best and professional tattoo designer.

Check out skull tattoo on head

Head Tattoo designs

Check out some more head tattoo ideas. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image:

213 211 220 212 202 219 204 209 203 214 205 208



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