Cool Hnad Made Accessories By Jalebi

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Handmade Accessories For Young Girls For Summer And Eid:

Jalebi is Karachi based brand for clothes and accessories owned by Sabeen Waqar. By seeing her work I must say she is a brillient lady. The label was established in 2010. The design philosophy and inspiration of Jalebi brand is to recycle. Jalebi is a casual wear brand. The reason of success of this brand is their products (dresses and accessories) are stylish and creative. The clothes of the brand are available at Labels, Karachi and Lahore and the jewelry is available at Emporio Taneez.

According to Sabeen, she named her brand Jalebi because her collection is sweet, yummy, delicious and twisted 🙂 . “The Jalebi brand offers nothing but fun and frolic to those who seek”. Designs are excellent colors are vibrant and the looks are juicy and flirty. You all are gonna love Sabeen’s Work.

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jalebi accessories

It is amazing how Jalebi has designed accessories from daily use tools. This type of stuff is always eye catching.

jalebi accessories


jalebi accessories

Check out more from Jalebi’s juicy handmade accessories, click on the thumbnail to see larger view:

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