Coloured Hair Trend

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Hair Colour Trend

This season’s hair trend is all about a pop of color. From electric hues to metallic, there are lots of conduct to make bold and bright statements. Also fashion trends are not inclining towards being showy or artificial vague any longer. As an alternative, fashion and styles are leaning much more towards more natural looks that are also bold and attitude provoking. You can try a streak of color – on their own or combined with show-stopping prints. You can also accessorize them to highlight with crystals and clip-in hair extensions for extra drama. By coloring your hair you can change your look easily.
Deep rich tones are becoming even more in trend these days. So if you want to have healthy, natural and bold look, then you should be selective in color analysis process. Carefully consider your skin tone and eye color. Combine the proper shades and tones to determine bold colors that are rich in tone and substance and empower and suits your her personality.
Picking a hair colour:
Things you should keep in mind when considering hair color:
1-Consider coloring products that defend against fading by preserving and maintaining the cuticle like non-ammonia hair color.
2-Select a color line that has an ample hair care and color lock regiment and enable them to preserve their perfect color longer.
3-Consider a more natural hair color product that nourishes and revitalizes the hair rather than harming it in order to maintain a healthy luster and shine.
So if you want to keep your look fresh and fabulous and ready for a change then here are some natural, healthy, rich tones and some cool duo or multi-chromatic hair color ideas that will go fabulous and suit most of you

Shades of Red

Bold and rich, deep red tones will be a stronghold for hair color this year. These shades are known for educing a youthful and entertaining feeling from women. It will surely prove to be a perfect go with for women with cooler skin tones and light freckles. Also adding deeper shades of blue will add to the valiant appeal of deep reds and provide an impressive base for your hair’s luster to reflect from.


Shades of Blondes

Because blonde is the most popular hair color of all times. It is always and truly bold, natural, and healthy looking hair color. It is always in demand. But an unnatural blonde color looks bad. So, only Hair Colorists with excellent color analysis skills will stand out.

Shades of Brunettes & Browns

Brown is a hair color which go well with most skin tones, the very well tuned attention on natural looking hair color will keep both brown and brunette highly trendy, popular and in demand always. Choose that shade of brown hair color, which suits your skin complexion and personality best. You can choose from dark chocolate brown to caramel. You can also go for rich, deeper, undertones. Also a nice coffee, toffee or caramel brown hair color will radiate your beauty.

Black Hair

If you have fair skin then Raven black will surely look radiantly gorgeous. But be sure that this mysterious yet inviting color meets your personality and style. Jet black hair is not for the faint at heart. Also, be sure to maintain health and luster of your hair and preserve the color from fading which will both be really important with this deepest of colors.

Warm Tones

In the colder winter warm tones seem to be extremely trendy this year. Many women are also demanding two to four different shades of a color to give the hair the insight of more depth and to avoid the similar color all over the entire head.

Bright and vibrant Highlights

Another very hot hair coloring trend is bold, vibrant shades as purple, blue, and green are seeing a burly comeback in the hair coloring market. These daring colors can be mixed in with browns, blacks, reds and blondes to give them a bolder, more original and natural look.

Shades of Gray

Gray is one of the most surprising color that is also in this year. Women are seeing this once dreaded shade through a whole new set of eyes.  One of the newest trends is Gray lights and white/gray bases. Many women that are trying out this new look and loving it. Women like to have a strain of grey colour called grandma’s streak.

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