Cocktail Jewellery By Stefan Hafner Jewels

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Stefan Hafner Jewellery

Stefan Hafner jewelry are one of the most marvelous designer jewelry which is desired my many ladies. Stefan Hafner started up in 1967 in Bologna, Italy. Stefan Hafner jewelry is not only popular but also won several countless awards for their luxurious and elegantly alluring designs of couture jewelry. The creativity and uniqueness can be seen in each and every designated piece of Stefan Hafner.
This tradition of creating marvelous, elegant jewelry of Stefen Hafner is now continued by a new company which born with the partnership between Damas and Ilaria Furlotti.

designer jewellery for women

Stefan Hafner’s jewelry is the combination of New and Classic designs. They create and design jewelry by combining beautiful eye-catching and startling elements. Their jewelry is trendy, classic and contemporary which has an inherent lightness and a glance of purity in its designs. There hides an Essence of Italian Beauty in it.

Stefan Hafners jewelry seems like dream come true. In the creation of it, highly experienced and master of jewelry designers are employed. Their creative visions, ideas and sophistication have invented such elegant and remarkable designs of jewelry which are light, dazzling and attraction grabbing. The flexibility of pieces of jewelry and volume defies gravity and excellence.

designer jewellery for women

The empty space in the jeweler also gives an elegant impact with the solid pieces and thus creates an overall effect that is attractive and classy. Stefan Hafner jewelry is a brand that represents happiness, glory and full of life. Stefen Hafner jewelry is attractive and creative effort of a team of designers with excellence skills, sophisticated and experience architecture, fashion and graphic designer and photographers. There assemble passion for work has brought it to peak and finding such creativity under one roof is rare. With the help of all these combined talents of expertise along with traditionally schooled goldsmiths has brought in Stefan Hafner jewelry a touch of new classic that is combination of traditional style with latest and elegant approach.

designer jewellery for women

Therefore Stefan jewelries have always been something special, that evoke desires and emotion and also enhance women beauty. It has a magic touch with wonderful combination of stones and gold wearing it comfortably having no sense of weight. In short, Stefan Hafner prestigious jewelry has raised the standards for jewelry.

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