Circus Collection By Saakh Of Saba Mullick

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Bold Circus Collection By Saba Mullick:

Saakh is not  an old brand but the talented designer Saba Mullick who own the brand has made it a success in a short period of time by her exquisite designs and design philosophy. Saba Mullick is a graduate from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and has worked with a lot of famous designers as internee. Saba’s moto is “the intention of enhancing individuality and complimenting your personality” Saba says that she believe that every human being has their own unique personal existence so how come the same dress is for these unique people. She says,”We believe no two individuals are the same, then why should their clothes be?” saakh by saba circus collection

On Their Facebook page their tag line is “Saakh is real fashion, for real people”. What i understand from her logic is that she believes in designing a “couture pret”. Saakh has Casual and party wear in it’s credit till now we hope Saba when will explore other lines of dresses she’ll innovate something.

saakh by saba circus collection

This Collection Of Saakh by Saba Mullick is labelled as Circus Collection. Saba took the inspiration from colours and patterns used in a Circus and hair and make up inspired from clowns but is wearable. The concept of the circus collection is bold and pieces in the collection are Fabulous.

She used bold colours, fancy strips and frills like circus wear fancy large eye catching accessories like gypsies and clowns wear and why I admire her collection and talent is all are beautiful and wearable for every girl.

For the photo shoot, the accessories like rings, magic wands, magic hats and clown balloons are used who are complementing the collection more.

Check Out The Complete Collection Of Circus Collection By Saba Mullick Of Saakh:

213 211 220 212 202 219 204 209 203 214 205 208



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