Choose A Hat By Shape Of Your Face

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Hats And Shape Of Your Face:

Hats are part of high fashion and give a glamorous and classy look to a woman. Wearing a hat is an art if your hat is not according to your face it’ll look ridiculous. So you should know your face shape and the caps and hats for it.

hats and shapes of your face

Hats Face Shape

To know what is the shape of your face try looking in the mirror. Draw the shape pattern you see in the mirror and go a bit far from the mirror now to see what this drawn shape looks like. The important thing now is that you judge right.

hats and shapes of your face

The Hat that best Suits Your Face Shape
Here are a few simple guidelines:

For Oval Face: Streamline shapes, worn forward, square or round crowns, brims swept up on
the side(s) or back

For Long Face: Medium to wide brims, worn straight or forward. Sharp, straight styles.
These straight brim styles “cut” the length appearance of your face.

For Round Face: Medium or small brims, neat styles, worn forward or on a sassy slant.
Asymmetrical brims will lessen the roundness. Wear profile brims in varied sizes.

For Square Face: Large brims with soft lines, upturned brims, round crowns or
curved edge square crowns.

For Heart Shape Face: Asymmetrical designs, Square or round crowns tilted to one side, Profile hats and brims with soft curves.

For Wider Face: Off the face styles, bretons, (upturned brims) pillboxes worn back These will add “lift.”
Profile brims.

The Profile Brim is the most flattering of ALL HAT STYLES on all face shapes.

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