Chic Collection For Girls By Lulu’s Design

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Lulu’s Funky Chic Collection For Girls

lulu's design for girls

Lulu’s brand for women clothing started in 2009 and earn fame for their unique and innovative designs. Lulu’s designs are blend of western and eastern wear. Lulu’s designs are beautiful, practical and wearable they focus on details of designs and prints of every single dress. Lulu’s design are doing embroidery, embellishments and funky prints, designs are lovable for women.

See the cool black and white jumpsuit with geometric prints

Click on the image to see larger view

lulu's design for girls

Lulu’s Collection presented here is based on hot trend of fall, black and white, cool geometric prints are combined creatively. Digital prints are also seen in the collection, not Kanji or English you’ll see Urdu font on the trousers and shirts in funky writing.

lulu's design for girls

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