Blocks By Umme Hani

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Innovative Eye Catching Block Prints By Umme Hani

Blocks by Umme Hani is presenting amazing block print fabrics in Pakistan. The brand’s focus is blocks, for casual or formal wear and for working women. Hani likes to design for women who are independent and confident. Confidence is the actual beauty of a woman. Blocks by Umme Hani’s design philosophy is designing contemporary with the traditional prints. Blocks were always about floral and traditional designs Umme Hani has given blocks a really new direction. Young girls who were avoiding blocks for their typical designs are happy to discover Umme Hani.

Umme hani has made a rikshaw clip art on the fabric with block print designs. Combining the cute rickshaw with desi border block print has given an innovative touch to her design.

blocks by umme hani

The old classic vespa scooter on her dress is amazing and says a lot about her creativity.

Check out the block elephant, designer are designing elephant motifs which look amazing but the embroidery or embellishments make it expensive, Blocks are affordable and looking elegant.

A really cute Phoenix block print you can see

Really elegant Chandelier block and really affordable. Check out the Umme Hani Facebook page for details

Check out Butterfly block

Floral block print for floral block print fans


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