Beauty Tips For Eyelashes Care – Men And Women

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Eyelashes Care Tips For Men And women

beauty tips for eyelashes
Eyes are the most attractive, sensitive and delicate part of face. Eyelashes play a significant role in the protection of eyes form dust particles and sun light etc and also add and enhance beauty of eyes. Beautiful long shiny and thick lashes are admired and desired everyone. So here are some tips to take proper care and natural treatment for your eyelashes.
Apply olive oil on your lashes before going to bed to make them strong and long.
You can also apply some coconut oil on your lashes to make them healthier and shiner.
Applying the combination of honey and castor oil on lashes will make them beautiful and shiny.
Wash them daily with fresh and cool water thoroughly it will help rejuvenate and refresh the eyelashes.
Take 8-10 hours of sleep for the appropriate growth of lashes and to make eyes and lashes healthy and bright.
Include milk, egg, butter, fresh vegetables and h fruits in your diet for healthy growth of eyelashes.
Don’t rub or massage harshly your eyes and lashes to avoid breaking of lashes.
Don’t use the beauty products and harsh eye creams etc in excess to damage.
Always remove your make up on eyes, eyelashes and surrounding area before going to bed.
Pursue these tips and treatments to get the beautiful strong and healthy eyelashes.

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