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Photoshop Lipstick Application Tutorial For Your Picture

We don’t worry how we’ll look in a photo because we have Photoshop now to balance our photos, as my website is about fashion, beauty and make up I was thinking about a make up tutorial in Photoshop. Lets see how we can apply lipstick to a photo in Photoshop. I am gonna discus two techniques of filling colour in lips, one is just plain way and the other one is easy for people who are not expert of using Photoshop like me.

apply lipstick by photoshop

I have chosen this random photo from internet.

Open the photo in Photoshop, zoom the photo for better result. By using Laso tool select the lips carefully.

 From Image/Adjustment/Colour Balance, you can choose the colour you want

There you can see the colour selection bar, make the colour you want for your picture.

For the lower lip I am going to use the easy way, use feather of 10 px or whatever you want before selection the lips, it’ll cover the rough edges we can see in the upper lip.

For the lower I have applied feather of 10 px which will look like this after selection.

After applying colour balance it’ll look like this. The feather will help the colour to fill with balance and will soften the edges. See the image below you’ll understand.

The colour has filled in balance not like the upper lip with sharp edges. Plus if you have done a small error during selecting the area the feather will balance it. Selecting without feather is not too difficult for pros but it’s difficult beginners or people who don’t use Photoshop so much.

So this is our end result. You can make it better with more practice.

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