Angry Birds Nail Art

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Nail Art Designs For Angry Birds Game Lover:

Every nail art lover wants unique and trendy nail art design. I was thinking about angry birds game then I thought why not collect some nail design ideas of angry birds. When I search the internet I found a lot of cool stuff about this nail art. I didn’t know but have done a lot of work about them. The angry birds is becoming fashion statement now a days specially after celebrates are wearing them in their clothing and¬†make up. Girls are doing angry birds nail are every where in the world with every different style possible. Some are doing in their typical red colour, some are trying it combining with different colours and some are doing these nail art with more innovatively. Check out some angry birds nail art designs.

These are angry birds nail art stickers, making this nail art easier ūüėČ

Some¬†typically done cute angry birds nail art designs. You can wear these with a red, yellow, white, blue or black outfit. To go with the look girls usually¬†prefer red outfit. These are good nail art designs for a hang out, shopping with girl friends¬†or some casual party. And also easy to create don’t worry about perfection these birds are famous enough to be recognized by their colours. If you want perfection you can go to a nail art designer or simply buy their nail stickers.

Check out these nail art ideas with some innovative ideas. In my¬†opinion all the nails cover with angry birds faces looks a bit harsh but it’s everybody’s own choice. With some innovation and colour variation you can create a complete new look of a nail art.¬†Creativity always catches more attention. Amaze and impress your friends with some innovative idea of angry birds nail art designs.

Check out this Link for Angry Birds Nail Art Tutorial.

Here are easy steps to apply angry birds nail art stickers.

Step 1:
Apply base coat of the colour you want on the nails and let it dry. Sponge little lilac clouds using China Glaze Light as Air. It’s giving the effect of the background in the Valentine’s Day levels of the game. Then added a coat of top coat to level it all out and let it dry for a few minutes.
Step 2: Cut the decals you want to apply on your nails.

Step 3: Put your decals in the water. You can put a few at a time because they have to be there for 20-30 seconds. The best way to remove them from the paper is by sliding them off. Don’t try to peel them because they are really thin and they will bend easily, making it hard for them to get straightened again. The moment they slide right off the paper is the moment you can remove them from the water.

Step 4: Slide off the decal from the paper and put it on the nail. Now, there are several ways to do this. You can use tweezers (as shown in the picture). This might look very professional but you can do it simply with your hands. If you don’t want to do it “like a sir”, use your fingers and just place the decal on the nail. It might seem messy but it gives you better control. The decal sticks to your finger so you can’t drop it like you can with tweezers.

Step 5: Let the decal dry it’ll stick to your nail that way. After the decal is dried apply the top coat for protection. If you apply the to coat on wet decal it’ll slide off with the brush.

Here is the end result.

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