Amazing Satya Paul Sarees

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Satya Paul Sarees

Widely admired around the world basically famous for his sarees, a true haute couture designer, Satya Paul is one of the blessed people in the world who actually know how to turn ordinary to extraordinary, he is designer of women’s wear but the famous clothes of India, saree is his target. His traditional sarees are best designed, women are ready to die for his sarees. I don’t know how to wear a saree and I know I can not handle it, but what attracts me towards Satya Paul’s sarees is his unusual ability to turn a traditional saree into contemporary dress. Saree is a dress which can suit woman of every size and shape, Satya Paul is making saree a more  beautiful and elegant dress. His sarees, embellishments and colors, are inspired from Nature and he has mix it with a contemporary cut.

After seeing Satya Paul’s Sarees you’ll understand why I have become a huge fan of his work. The image below you are seeing is the reason I am writing about Satya Paul, it’s Satya Paul’s “internet guru” inspired saree with minor changes definitely to avoid copyright issues.


Satya Paul has started designing in 1985 his brand is known as “Brand Satya Paul”. Like I said before his designs are combination of tradition and contemporary designs. People who wear saree can recognize Satya Paul’s saree easily if they see it.

Aish on ramp in Satya Paul’s saree.


Women of South Asia believes that their wardrobe is incomplete without Satya Paul’s saree. The refreshing look of Satya Paul sarees and the newest idea for his sarees make women believe this. When I see Satya Paul’s sarees on ramp I became a huge fan of Satya Paul.

Take a look at satya Paul’s bridal sarees. Miss India (left) walks the ramp in Satya Paul’s Bridal saree.


Good quality of fabric, unbelievable color combinations, amazing decoration and unique designs of sarees make them so special. You’ll notice Satya Paul’s creativity in his every saree, his saree make a woman look more beautiful. Satya Paul also design western wear, shalwar kameez, scarves, ties and traditional wear named as “Contemporary Satya Paul Collection” and “Satya Paul traditiona wear”.

I thing nobody has ever thought about such an abstract saree.



Satya Paul’s lehnga saree, a new generation of sarees for women who are comfortable in carrying a saree. It’s stitched and the dopata is giving the look of flow of saree.


I have chosen some more Satya Paul Sarees for you. Take a look at these and admire them.

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