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Hair Extensions For Girls

cool hair extensions for girls

Hair extensions also called hair weaves, are lengths if real or synthetic hair that are closely attached to a person’s scalp, adding length and/or thickness to the person’s own natural hair. It is a fastest way to improve and change your look.

Hair extensions are preferred more because they can be styled easily. In case we have attached color extension and just want it get back to normal hair color it can be easily removed rather than over coloring your hair with your natural hair color. Secondly hair extension preferred more cause because it increases the volume and length of the hair by attaching it.

cool hair extensions for girls

types of extensions:
There are three different types of extension. They can last up to 6-8 months depending on how we take care of them. Following are the three types of hair extension.
1) Strand by strand extension.
2) Weft hair extension.
3) Clip in hair extension.
Hair extension can be made up of either synthetic fiber or even natural hair.

pros and cons of hair extensions:
There are many pros and cons of hair extension. We may further discuss them below. Firstly let us discuss about its pros.

1) They help prevention of natural hair damage.
2) Easily clip in and removal without pain.
3) Increment of volume length and thickness of hair.
4) It is available in wide range of colors.

We should not forget that if something has pros it even has cones. Now let us discuss the cones of hair extension. The following are the cones of hair extension:

1) Natural hair extensions fall pretty expensive as compared to the synthetic fiber.
2) Synthetic fiber hair extensions though being sleekly and silk does not give a natural look to your natural hair and is difficult to band it.
3) The weight of hair extension can cause a lot of stress causing hair damage and hair less.
4) Heat styling tools can damage the synthetic fiber hair extension since they are sensitive to heat exposure.

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