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Being a mother is the best experience of life. When you come to know that you are expecting it’s the most exciting news for you but About-pregnancycarry a baby inside you is a huge responsibility, a life is depending on you now. If you do not take proper care of you during pregnancy you can cause harm to you or the baby. Women who are trying to be pregnant sure want to know the signs of pregnancy or earlym symptoms of pregnancy. A pregnancy test can tell you that but it’s not as exciting as natural changes you see happening in you plus first you see the symptoms of pregnancy in you then confirm it by pregnancy test. After knowing about being pragnent every woman has a lot of questions in her mind. She wants to know what she should eat for staying healthy and for a healthy baby. What precautions she should make for her early pregnancy and how is she will go through these nine month.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy or early symptoms of pregnancy are not usually same for every women. Also if you are pregnant for the first time you’ll experience different pregnancy early signs and for second time you may experience different signs. A woman’s body start showing changes and by these changes you can know whether you are pregnant or not. In the end, a pregnancy test will confirm it for you.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

One sign which makes every woman sure of being pregnant is missing her periods.

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is pigmentation. When the fertilized egg is attached to uterine your skin will show changes like pigmentation and you’ll experience muscal spasm in lower abdominal part. This muscal spasm is alike the muscal spasm you experience during periods. When the egg gets attached to uterine you’ll experience bleeding which is a symptom nobody notice, this happen in first week or in the second week of pregnancy.

After you conceive your body goes through hormonal changes. Due to these sudden changes your body will show some changes like swollen hand feet specially swollen breast.

Fatigue and Nausea are two common symptoms of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy

At the start of pregnancy you need to be extra cautious. First three months are critical you need to take extra care of yourself and of your routine. Don’t get too tired and don’t take a lot of stress in first three months. Don’t bend or strech a lot. Don’t have sex. Don’t do heavy workout in early pregnancy. Light workout is good for you and the baby.

Stay hydrated, your body needs a lot of water to create a balance between you and your pregnancy.

Avoid cigarette and alcohol, these can cause miscarriage, asthma in your child, early delivery of low birth weight of your baby.

These precautions strictly holds for first timer pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy

Women should take care of their health whether they are pregnant or not. When you conceive it is necessary for to already have maintained a good health. If your body is weak your body will not conceive at first place. If your body is not healthy before or during pregnancy you can suffer diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, it also can effect your pregnancy.

Eating right food is what you need most during pregnancy. Don’t worry about your weight it’s not important than your health. And you can loose extra weight after delivery.

Take test for deficiencies in your body like folic acid, iron, blood count etc…

Work out:

Workout during pregnancy for good health of your baby, it will also help you in labor.

Working out will help you rebooting your energy for the day as pregnancy can take all your energy.

Keep yourself in movement, walk is best exercise during pregnancy.

Doing yoga is good for your peace of mind, it can help you overcome your mood swing.

Note: Pregnancy Diet is a vast subject, we’ll cover it in a separate article.

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