Abdominal Exercises For Women

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Abdominal Workout

Women usually watch their weight by low calorie diet but some of them suffer with the extra fat around their abdominal part anyway. Ab exercises are best to reduce the extra fat we are carrying. The major problem for women is to not have time to go to gym. Problem solved by these workout tips for abs exercises at home. You need to target the right area for best results. These exercises can help you reduce fats from abs, lower back and side abs.

Things You Should Know Before Starting Workout:

  • You should discuss your workout plan with a physician if you had any traumas or any other physical condition.
  • Follow the instructions carefully because ab exercises can be dangerous for your back if not properly done.
  • Warming up is requisite before starting ab workout to avoid injuries.
  • Stretching after workout will spear you a lot of pain.
  • You do not need to workout daily, you can spear 3 days in a week
  • Do three to four sets of one exercise consecutively taking long rest between the workout will not give you the best and fast result.

The Exercises:

Remember, the exercises for abdominal are never a piece of cake, you need dedication and hard work to fulfill it. Some abdominal exercises are described here.


abdominal exercises

Like i said before, abdominal exercises are tricky, they can cause trouble for your spine if you are not doing them right. If you are a beginner then you must provide some support to your back. Bicycle exercise effect the abs and waist to reduce the extra fats.

How To Do It

  1. Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, support your head with net of your fingers.
  2. Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck.
  3. Turn to the left, take the right elbow towards your left knee as you straighten the other leg.
  4. Change the sides and land the left elbow towards the right knee.
  5. Do the set of 15 to 20 the same way.
  6. Do 1 to 3 sets.

Crunch with Vertical Legs:

abdominal exercises

This abdominal exercise is best for side abs and rectus abdominis, the two problems occur because of sitting a lot and also during pregnancy. Crunches are difficult to handle for women but when you fix your legs in a position it’ll force to do work by your abs, with legs vertically up all the pressure is on your obliques.

How To Do It:

  1. Lie on the floor and extend the legs straight up with knees crossed.
  2. Place your hands behind the head for support, but avoid pulling on the neck.
  3. Contract the abs to lift the shoulder blades off the floor, as though reaching your chest towards your feet.
  4. Keep the legs in a fixed position and imagine bringing your belly button towards your spine at the top of the movement.
  5. Do 15 to 20 in one set
  6. Do 1 to 3 sets in a row.

Ab Roll:

abdominal exercises

Ab rolls are a difficult of all abdominal workouts, it focus on all the muscles of the core. This advanced move requires attention to detail to avoid straining the back. Make sure you only roll out as far as you comfortably can. If you feel any strain in the back, back off the exercise or avoid it completely.

  1. Kneel in front of the ball and place the hands on the ball, parallel to one another and with the elbows bent.
  2. Contract the abs and pull the belly towards the spine.
  3. Slowly roll forward and out as far as you comfortably can, until the feel the abs engage. Don’t go so far that you hurt your back or collapse.
  4. This move does not involve bending the hips, so keep them straight throughout the exercise.
  5. Keeping the body straight, slowly pull your body back using your arms and abdominals.
  6. Continue for 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps, avoiding this move if you have any back problems.
  7. You can change the difficult of the move by placing your hands closer in or further out.
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